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My daughter Samantha Henig and I look at what it means to be young for Millennials today, and how much that differs from what it was like for Baby Boomers.

Pandora's Baby

About the early days of in vitro fertilization research, the controversy surrounding the creation of the world's first test tube baby, and the ways in which that controversy sounds a lot like the debates now taking place about reproductive options like designer babies and human cloning.

The Monk in the Garden

The early days of genetics, with Gregor Mendel counting his peas, is a story of jealousy, intrigue, and a healthy dose of bad timing. Mendel's discovery went unnoticed for 35 years, until it was rediscovered in 1900 by three different scientists in three different countries.

A Dancing Matrix

A history (written 30 years before the COVID pandemic) of how new viruses emerge from animal hosts to become human scourges, usually as the result of some man-made change in the environment.

Being Adopted

Two psychotherapists and I look at how being adopted affects personality development over a lifespan -- the first book of its kind to be written for the adoptee.